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Scott Miles

Co-writer Inside Job, License to Drive, United States of Fuckin' Awesome
Scott lives for BBQ and cinema in equal measure. With degrees in both film production and screenwriting, he’s quite comfortable switching hats between writer and director, so long as one of those is a fancy stovepipe hat like Lincoln wore. He thinks he’d look good in that. Scott is the less chatty half of a writing team with Alisha Brophy. They won the Academy's Nicholl Fellowship with their comedy United States of Fuckin' Awesome. They followed this with features for Lionsgate, CBS Films, and License to Drive for FOX. Their DIY animated shorts have been featured on Funny or Die, IndieWire, AV Club, Huffington Post, and GQ. They've written for LEGO and the Netflix adult animated comedy, INSIDE JOB. Currently, they are developing a TV show with Kevin Hart’s HartBeat productions and Disney+.